Open the Borders is dedicated to educating US politicians and US citizens on the economic, social and foreign policy benefits from opening the borders to the world. Keep reading our site and learn how open borders will:

  • Increase all options of goods and services available in the market
  • Increase the wealth of all people
  • Spread the ideals of freedom, individualism and capitalism
  • Influence other nations to be more democratic versus totalitarian

Funding Social Security

Myth: Undocumented Immigrants don’t pay taxes.

Fact: Undocumented workers have paid about 1.2 trillion into Social Security they will never be able to collect. 3-4% of all Social Security withholding taxes are not able to be matched to a valid account and will only be used to fund the future insolvency of Social Security for US Citizens.

Source: Social Security Administration — Earnings Suspense File

Economic Benefits

Line of cars at Border Crossing

Essentially, borders are barriers to trade. Imagine if tomorrow the government declared that to travel or move goods from North Dakota to South Dakota, you had to go through a customs station, show documentation, answer questions, etc. just like you would have to do to travel from New York to Ontario or Montana to Alberta. There would be a lot less travel and commerce between North and South Dakota, right? And both States would be poorer as a result! That thought experiment suggests that existing border controls are doing a lot of economic damage. Some economists have projected that allowing free immigration to any country could, as a median estimation, double world GDP. The more potential trading partners you have, the greater the potential gains from trade. Allowing people to gather where they wish is a way to facilitate realizing those gains.1

Freedom of Association

One of the fundamental rights all humans have is the right to associate, or not, with whomever they choose. Immigration controls infringe on that right. If you want to meet your friend for coffee, you have a right to do that so long as you do not violate anyone else’s rights in the process. Crossing an international border does not harm anyone’s person or property, so it is a protected action. Preventing you from crossing the border to see your friend, or preventing them from coming to visit you, is no more justifiable than the government erecting roadblocks around a church or other private gathering place to prevent people from meeting there.1

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